Alessandra Storm / Alessandra Naccarato is a spoken word poet, artist-educator and community organizer. With roots in zine culture, public art and interdisciplinary performance, she has studied and performed across the Canada, West Africa and Latin America. A key member of Canada’s poetry slam movement, she has twice been a finalist in the Canadian Festival of Spoken Word (2009, 2010), acted as Artistic Director of Montreal’s slam chapter (Throw Poetry Collective, 2009-2011), and is Chair of Spoken Word Canada. Known for curating innovative events such as Poesie Boudoir – a night of burlesque spoken word, and The Public Zine – a zine wheat-pasted across Montreal, she has been featured on the cover of both The Montreal Mirror and Nightlife Magazine for her spoken word and shake-ups. Nomadic by nature, she has toured nationally and internationally, featuring in pronounced festivals such as New York University’s Hemispheric Institute Encuentro (Argentina),Voix D’Amerique (Quebec), Pop Explosion (Nova Scotia), and completed residencies at the Banff Centre for the Arts (Alberta) and The Robert Street Social Centre (Nova Scotia). One half of spoken word duo Ravensara with Moe Clark, her writing is a mix of whiskey and honey – unapologetic, romantic and raw.